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■ creative.nagano ~ People who create a place for art 3rd Hirofumi Arai (Rhinoceros corner)


"Creative.nagano" focuses on people who are creating creative places in Nagano prefecture that create new encounters through art and culture.Through this series, we will bring out the creative places and networks of people in Nagano Prefecture on the "CULTURE.NAGANO" site.

The third is Hirofumi Arai, who runs Sainotsuno in Ueda City.Sainotsuno is a small theater with a guesthouse that opened in 3 in the Unnomachi shopping district in the center of Ueda City.At that time, there was no small theater in Ueda City, and some guest houses were opened in the prefecture, which was a hot topic.That's why Mr. Arai thought, "Is it possible to make a breeze?"

Now, five years after it opened, Mr. Arai himself was surprised that "it was known by many people and expanded beyond imagination", and he is unraveling the expansion of "new" activities based on the corner of the rhinoceros. increase.

Please have a look.

creative.nagano-People who create places for art 3rd Hirofumi Arai (Rhinoceros corner)

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