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[Nagano Prefectural Art Museum] Recruitment of 2nd gen members of art communicator

We are looking for the 2nd gen member of Nagano Prefectural Art Museum Art Communicator.

The Nagano Prefectural Art Museum was reopened in the spring of 2021 as a "place for encounters and learning" that connects people to people, people to works, people to places, and diverse people with various values.
And, together with the museum staff, a fellow "art communicator" who makes the museum a "place for encounters and learning" is working.
An "art communicator" is an entity based in a museum that voluntarily acts as a link between people and art while valuing communication born from art.A variety of members are active regardless of generation or occupation, such as office workers, students, housewives, and retired people.

  • Facilities / organizationsNagano Prefectural Art Museum (Nagano Prefecture)
  • 条件・ Those who are 16 years old or older (as of March 2023, 3, but under 31 years old require parental consent)
    ・ Those who are interested in art or museums, actively study, and are motivated to work
    ・ Nagano Prefectural Art Museum Those who understand the purpose of the art communicator's activities, sympathize with them, and can act independently.
    ・ Those who can participate in activities more than twice a month in principle after April 2023
    ・ Those who can access the Internet and can send and receive e-mails on a personal computer on a daily basis.

    Activity conditions
    ・ The activities of the art communicator are free of charge.
    ・ There is no transportation fee or reward.However, you can participate in the lectures and the training held from time to time for free.
    ・ As a general rule, the registration period for art communicators is one year (until March 1).From the next fiscal year onward, the registration will be renewed every year after mutual agreement between the person and the museum, and the renewal will be for a maximum of 2024 years.
  • RemunerationNone
  • Wanted periodJuly 2022st (Friday) -August 7th (Tuesday), 1 * Postmark is valid on the day
  • How to ApplyPlease write "Art Communicator application documents in red" on the surface of the envelope containing ① to ③ below and mail it.

    ① Application form: Fill in the required items on the "Art Communicator Application Form"
     * Please download the application form from the contact homepage.
    (XNUMX) Challenge: Please describe "the motivation for applying for" Art Communicator "and the important experience for you behind it."It doesn't have to be a museum experience or a museum experience.
     * Please check the contact homepage for details such as the format.
    ③ One reply envelope: Attach an 1 yen stamp to a standard envelope (long form No. 3) and specify the applicant's zip code, address, and name in the address field.

    Application documents mailing address
    〒380-0801 Nagano City Hakoshimizu XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX
    To Nagano Prefectural Art Museum Art Communicator Recruitment
    * Documents can only be sent by mail.
    * Once submitted, the application documents will not be returned.
    * Personal information of applicants will not be used for anything other than the selection of art communicators.
  • ContactNagano Prefectural Art Museum (TEL:026-232-0052
    Click here for materials and leaflets (PDF)
Archives Supporters Wanted

We are recruiting volunteers who can cooperate with the operation of the archives by volunteering.

  • Facilities / organizationsObuse Town Archives (Obuse Town)
  • 条件・ Person who has address in town
    ・ A person who understands the purpose of the archive activities and cooperates
  • RemunerationNo
  • Wanted periodAt any time
  • How to ApplyInquiries Please fill out the "Registration Application Form" on the homepage and submit it to the Obuse Town Archives.
  • RemarksContact the Obuse Town Archives for more information
  • ContactObuse Town Archives (TEL:026-214-9114
Canola Boys and Girls Choir Members Wanted

In principle, we practice every Sunday afternoon. In addition to regular concerts, there are events such as summer camps and Christmas parties. If you love singing or want to start a chorus, let's sing along.

  • Facilities / organizationsKanora Boys and Girls Chorus (Okaya City)
  • 条件Target: Boys and girls from 2nd grade to 3rd grade
  • RemunerationNo
  • Wanted periodAt any time
  • How to ApplyPlease fill out the special “Join Application Form”. For more information, please contact the Canola Boys and Girls Choir Secretariat by phone.
  • RemarksWhen you join, you will be responsible for all costs such as music purchase, training camp participation, and so on.
  • ContactCanola Boys and Girls Choir Secretariat (in Canola Hall) (TEL:0266-24-1300
Recruitment of Canorata Orchestra members

I practice for about 7 hours every Wednesday evening from 30:2. Sometimes I practice on Saturday. It doesn't matter if you're good at it, but enthusiastic people are welcome. We look forward to your participation.

  • Facilities / organizationsCanorata Orchestra (Okaya City)
  • 条件① Performance experience does not matter.
    ② Own instruments other than percussion instruments
    ③ Minors need parental consent.
    ④ Flute is not eligible.
  • RemunerationNo
  • Wanted periodAt any time
  • How to ApplyPlease fill out the special “Join Application Form”. For more information, contact the Canorata Orchestra Secretariat by phone or email.
  • RemarksWhen you join, you will have to pay the membership fee and performance fee.
  • ContactCanorata Orchestra Office (Canola Hall) (TEL:0266-24-1300
Recruitment of members of Saku Sozokan Chorus

Beyond the boundaries of regions, circles and schools, individual participation is also welcome!

  • Facilities / organizationsNagano Prefecture Saku Creation Center (Saku City)
  • 条件No question
  • RemunerationNo
  • Wanted periodAt any time
  • How to ApplyFor applications and inquiries, please contact the Nagano Saku Sozokan.
  • ContactNagano Prefectural Saku Creation Center (TEL:0267-68-2811
Music volunteer activity support business

The Nagano Prefecture Ina Bunka Kaikan is seeking volunteers who can play at public events held at welfare facilities, schools, hospitals, and public halls in the prefecture.

  • Facilities / organizationsNagano Ina Cultural Hall (Ina City)
  • 条件Performers in the prefecture who can perform as volunteers
  • RemunerationNo
  • Wanted periodAt any time
  • How to ApplyFill out the “Music Volunteer Registration Form” at the URL below and apply to Ina Bunka Kaikan in Nagano Prefecture.
  • RemarksFor more information, please contact the Ina Cultural Hall in Nagano Prefecture.
  • ContactNagano Ina Cultural Center (TEL:0265-73-8822
Music volunteer recruitment

We are looking for musicians (music volunteers) from the prefecture who want to perform as volunteers.

  • Facilities / organizationsHokuto Culture Hall (Nagano Prefectural Cultural Center) (Nagano City)
  • 条件・ Individuals / organizations, professionals and amateurs alike.
    ・ There is no restriction on the number of people in registering a group.
    ・ The purpose of the performance is not political or religious activity.
  • RemunerationNecessary expenses are determined by consultation between the music volunteer and the dispatch destination
  • Wanted periodAt any time
  • How to ApplyFill out the "Music Volunteer Application Form" at the URL and submit it to Hokuto Bunka Hall with photos and other materials attached.
  • RemarksFor more information, please contact Hokuto Culture Hall (Nagano Prefectural Cultural Center).
  • ContactHokuto Bunka Hall (Nagano Prefectural Cultural Center) (TEL:026-226-0008

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