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Public production vol.2 Tomoko Sato Fox, crane, horse

Public production is a program in which an artist stays in a museum for a certain period of time to create a work, and see the production process and the completed work.

This year, which will be vol.2, we will invite Tomoko Sato, who will practice art by "narrative" mainly in lecture performances.Sato is an artist who repeatedly researches historical facts and lands and creates new narratives by going back and forth between documents and fiction.Her narrative of her gives an opportunity to think about objects and peripheral matters, and thus about history.

In this public production, we will take up a project related to animals "foxes, cranes, horses" that have close relationships with humans from among the productions that Sato has done so far, and proceed with research focusing on "foxes" in particular. increase.The fox project was premiered in 2018 under the title of "Shirokitsune, Hidden Song", but as Sato says, "Even if the work was announced once, it will grow by deepening research" throughout the session. Attempt to update.

The updated work will be staged as a lecture performance in the latter half of the session, and a screening of the video containing it will be exhibited.Please enjoy the various developments from the production process of the work to the presentation.

At the venue, we set up a material room where you can browse materials used for research, and a studio where Sato can concentrate on reading materials and writing texts.It would be great if you could get a feel for the overlap of thoughts behind the work by looking at the aspects of the artist that are rarely published.

* The artist's stay date, events, etc. will be updated from time to time.

Tomoko Sato

Born in Nagano prefecture in 1990, lives in Kanagawa prefecture. In 2018, she completed the Department of Media and Imaging, Graduate School of Imaging, Tokyo University of the Arts.
He practices the art of "narrative" using the form of a lecture.His work is based on Japan's path to distorted modernization, the multiplicity of history told by events that have fallen from the history of capital letters, and the interest in legends and archaeological sites that remain in various places. To produce.Then, by connecting the things that emerge from the historical research process from a compound eye perspective, a story that goes back and forth between fiction and documents is constructed.
Major productions include "Shirokitsune, Hidden Song" (2018), "Rubbish and Tower", "Futari no Tsuburaya" (Performed at Port B Tokyo School Trip Project, 2018–19), "103 Centaur" (2018), "MINE EXPOSURES" (2019), "TWO PRIVATE ROOMS-Round Trip Reading" (co-written with Natsuki Ayanagi, 2020-), "Index for Obake Tokyo" (2021-)

Event data
Event Dates 2022.5 / 28 (Sat) ~ 9 / 11 (Day)
open time 9:00~17:00
Museum Holidays Every Wednesday
Venue Nagano Prefectural Museum of Art
Contact Us Nagano Prefectural Museum of Art
TEL: 026-232-0052
Price / Ticket
Prices Free
Venue data
Venue Nagano Prefectural Museum of Art
Address 1-4-4 Hakoshimizu, Nagano City (in Joyama Park)
Phone Number 050-5542-8600(Hello dial)
Museum Holidays Wednesday (open on public holidays, closed on the following weekdays in principle), year-end and New Year holidays
From JR Nagano Station Zenkoji Exit Bus Stop 1, take the Alpico Transportation Bus 11/16/17 and walk for about 3 minutes in the direction of the "Zenkoji Kita" bus. About 30 minutes

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