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Calligraphic Works-Ina's Three Brushes-

Nakamura Fusetsu, Shuho Ikegami, and Shibata Kosaka, also known as "Ina's Sanpitsu".We will exhibit excellent calligraphy works by local artists who practiced the "calligraphic works" that the basics of calligraphy and painting are the same.

Event data
Event Dates 2021.12 / 4 (Sat) ~ 2 / 27 (Day)
open time 9:00-17:00 (last admission 16:30)
closing day Every Tuesday, 12/20 (Monday) -12/23 (Thursday), 12/28 (Tuesday) -1/4 (Tuesday)
Venue Takato Museum of Arts
Contact Takato Museum of Arts
TEL: 0265-94-3666
Venue data
Venue Takato Museum of Arts
Address Ina City Takatomachi Higashi Takato 400
Phone Number 0265-94-3666
closing day Tuesday (the next day if a holiday), the day after a holiday, the year-end and New Year holidays, the day of display change
From Ina Bus Terminal / Ina Kita Station, take the Takato Line JR Bus 25 minutes and get off at Takato Station, 25 minutes on foot, 30 minutes by car from Ina IC on the Chuo Expressway, 50 minutes by car from Suwa IC, 25 minutes by car from Ogurogawa Smart IC

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