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The 72nd Special Exhibition "Once upon a time in Takato-Looking up the materials of the late Shoichi Yazawa-"

Since 27, the Takatocho History Museum has been promoting the digitization of old photographs under the name of "Ina City Regional Culture Digitization Project" and has been open to the public at exhibitions and lectures.This project was fully supported by Mr. Shoichi Yazawa (deceased), a local historian of Takato Town.

Since Mr. Yazawa was proficient in computer operation, he was asked to add information to photographs of local historical materials and landscapes.
On the other hand, Mr. Yazawa donated and deposited materials that were handed down to his own house and valuable materials that he had entrusted to the museum.Among them are books and weapons related to gunnery called Ogino-ryu Zouhoshinjutsu, which was founded by Sakamoto Tenzan, a Confucian scholar and gunner who represents the Takato domain. Contains rare historical materials related to the cases of Yaroku Nakamura and Nunobiki Maru, who were from the Shintokukan and were involved in national affairs as members of the House of Representatives.

Therefore, in this special exhibition, we will introduce the "now" and "old days" of Takato by selecting a huge number of photographs organized by Mr. Yazawa and valuable materials entrusted to the museum, and adding related materials.

Event data
Event Dates 2021.9 / 22 (Wed) to 2 / 20 (Day)
open time 9:00-17:00 (last admission 16:30)
closing day Monday, New Year holidays (12 / 27-1 / 3), etc.
* Please check the organizer's homepage.
Venue Ina City Takatocho History Museum
Contact Takato Town History Museum
TEL: 0265-94-4444
Price / Ticket
Prices General 400 yen
Group (20 people or more) 300 yen
Free for high school students and younger and under 18 years old

* Admission fee is exempted for those who have a physical disability certificate, nursing certificate, mental disability certificate, and one accompanying person.
* Admission fee is exempted for those who are users of the National ShinshuTakato Youth Nature House and have proof of the Nature House (groups / individuals).
* If you are admitted as an initiative of an elementary school, junior high school, high school, special support school, public hall, social welfare council, etc., the admission fee may be exempted.Please contact the building in advance.
Venue data
Venue Ina City Takatocho History Museum
Address Ina City Takatomachi Higashi Takato 457
Phone Number 0265-94-4444
closing day Monday (the next day if a holiday), the day after a holiday, the year-end and New Year holidays, the day of display change
20 minutes by car from JRIna City Station, 30 minutes by car from Ina IC on Chuo Expressway, 45 minutes by car from Suwa IC

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