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Ronald Ventura-An Introspective

Born in Manila, Philippines in 1973, Ronald Ventura continues to work there since being introduced at the "Skin Metaphysics" exhibition at a gallery in New York in 2008. However, he has released his work and is attracting attention.

Ventura repeatedly delves into and introspects his origin (identity), exploring the possibilities of expressing the human epidermis, the "skin."
The method of expression has been consistent from the early works, incorporating multiple fields in a figurative and philosophical manner, and superimposing them on paintings and sculptures.The historical background of long-term colonial rule from Spain, the United States and Japan in the Philippines gives it an apocalyptic hue, while the religious and cultural background gives it a festive feel.On the other hand, the recurring flora and fauna and human symbiosis (chimera) evoke a world that includes Filipino folklore, indigenous cultural animism, and Greek mythological beasts.The chaotic world of this writer, who appears to be out of order, directly reflects the complexity of Filipino culture.

"I'm interested in creating one image by interacting with each other and betraying the original meaning by being released from what the original image means and fusing with other elements. The patterns are endless and have never been completed, "he says, and the elements found in the work can be read as a metaphor for unconscious conflicts related to one's identity.

At the Karuizawa New Art Museum, more than 30 works from 100D to new paintings will be exhibited as a retrospective exhibition of Ventura's XNUMX-year life as a writer.This is the first attempt at a Japanese museum, and we hope that many people will see it.

Event data
Event Dates 2021.8 / 7 (Sat) ~ 4 / 10 (Day)
open time 11: 00-17: 00 (Admission until 30 minutes before closing)
* From December to March from 8:9 to 10:00
closing day Monday * Closed the next day if it is a Monday holiday
Venue Karuizawa New Art Museum
Contact Karuizawa New Art Museum
TEL: 0267-46-8691
Price / Ticket
Prices Generally 2,000 yen
High school student 1,000 yen
Elementary and junior high school students 500 yen
* Free for preschoolers and those with a disability certificate (half price for one attendant)
Venue data
Venue Karuizawa New Art Museum
Address Karuizawa Town, Kitasaku-gun 1151-5 Karuizawa
Phone Number 0267-46-8691
closing day Every Monday (the next day if a holiday) August 8 days a week
[Railroad] 8-minute walk from JR East Shinano Railway "Karuizawa Station"
[Car] 20 minutes from Usui / Karuizawa IC (parking lots available)

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