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"Beautiful Shinshu" concert that connects Shinshu's bonds with music and landscape videos

To all medical personnel, essential workers, and all who love Shinshu who are working at the forefront of measures against infectious diseases. We will deliver the beautiful Shinshu concert. Koji Okada, who became a freelance photographer 30 years ago, selected about 100 scenes from Shinshu's videos that he has taken so far, and composer Kayo Mima newly composed the "Beauty Shinshu" suite. .. We hope you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and music world of the four seasons presented by the three artists who have moved to Ueda because of the charm of Shinshu.

00: 00 ~ XNUMXst movement Spring scent

09: 18 ~ Second movement Summer shine

17: 20 ~ Third movement From autumn to winter 

24: 56 ~ Light of hope

[List of shooting locations (pdf file)]

Work data
maker Koji Okada, Yasuko Okada, Akane Mimura, Yoshiyo Mima
Profile Photographer Koji Okada (mitsushi okada)
Born in 1967. After graduating from Niigata University, he became a freelance photographer for 30 years. Provide photos and videos for tourism posters, corporate advertisements, calendars, books, TV, etc. I continue to take pictures of domestic and overseas landscapes centered on Shinshu.
Major exhibitions such as Utsukushigahara Kogen Museum and Ueda City Takeshitomo Shibi Museum.
Representative of Okada Photo Office.

Narration Yasuko Okada
We are planning various events with photos and videos of Koji Okada.

Pianist Akane Mimura
Presides over a piano and rhythmic music class. In addition to being in charge of rhythmic lectures for parents and children at the child care support center and public hall, he also participated in concerts for children and hospital concerts.

Composer Kayo Mima
Active in music composition, concerts, music classes, and performances at events. The fact that I bought a photo book of photographer Koji Okada at a bookstore in Osaka while I was a student at Music College prompted me to move to Shinshu.

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