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About this site

About Nagano Prefecture Culture and Art Information Dissemination Site "CULTURE.NAGANO"

The CULTURE.NAGANO (Culture.Nagano), a website for disseminating cultural and artistic information in Nagano Prefecture, introduces a wide range of cultural and artistic information on the prefecture with the aim of allowing many people to enjoy and participate in Nagano's cultural arts. It is a homepage that sends out its appeal.

In addition to information on cultural facilities in the prefecture, we provide a wide range of information on performances such as music and theater performances at the Bunka Hall and special exhibitions at museums.
In addition, a special article focusing on the recommended information will be posted, and the diversity of Shinshu culture will be introduced.
We also send out information that will encourage more people to participate in arts and cultural activities, as well as information to support those who are engaged in cultural arts activities in the area.

Information posted on the site

All facility and event information posted on the site is the information at the time of posting.
After that, it may have changed, so please check with the contact information of each facility / event for details.

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If you select a category, the event information of the selected category will be displayed on the top page the next time you visit this site.
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